Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

Big news in our house!!! Our 6 year old lost his first tooth. Well, second technically and second according to him but that was only because he had to be pulled. I talk more about some of his health adversity here and here.  So....

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What is the "going rate" for the tooth fairy? Comment below.

Now, because I didn't know this and it completely grossed me out --- apparently it is totally common for the teeth as they fall out to turn greyish/black! I can handle blood, and broken bones (I used to be a lifeguard and had to assist where a person missed the pool on back inwards dive - no issue there), but seeing my son continually play with this little tooth as it was barely attached and turned grey - nasty!!! So, that's it for this post -- you get to be grossed out if you read this far and, if you didn't, you got to see some pics of a darn cute kid (not that I am bias). WIN! ;)