Thursday, February 25, 2016

My 3 Year Old Teacher

Important lessons learned this week alongside a 3 year old:

1. If you let your 3 year old walk the dog down a hill on a cement sidewalk, be prepared for tears. If you don't allow them to do so, tears and.... if you do, well....

2. Doing so will very likely result in crying - those painful screaming cries - and two "broken legs"... aka, scraped knees.

3. "Broken legs" can be healed with popcorn and a children's favourite tv show.

4. When a 3 year old is angry, take the time to listen. Really, really listen. They are likely angry because they have not been heard. In all seriousness we ran into quite an issue this week with our child hitting and spitting at his teacher. Yes - you read that right and yes - I just posted that publicly.  And, approximately two weeks ago there was an issue where he deliberately tripped every child in the class. Yes - I just admitted that and posted it publicly, too.

While obviously we need to address these behaviours, in each case we learned - from listening - that he was standing up for himself and that is a characteristic and attribute we want to continue to encourage. So, how does one encourage the behaviour, recognize the strengths in the child's character and squash the perceived undesirable behaviour?...

Now, am I becoming THAT parent? The one that you want to avoid because if my child hurts you on the playground I am going to standby and support them.... reality check! Of course I am going to standby and support them BUT, I won't standby and support the behaviour. Those are two critically different "elements".

And with that, I am going to step away from the computer to make breakfast and lunch for my 3 year to ensure they are fully fueled to add some new karate chop actions to his seemingly aggressive moves... ;)

This is the face of a child who may hit, spit, kick... but, is also filled with a lot of love!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby Takes a Bath in a Bucket (& I save you $$$ AND sanity!!! ;) )

Who has not bathed their child in a sink or bucket?!? Why do baby bathtub exist?... if somehow, somewhere a reader has stumbled onto this blog:

1. Tell me how you came across it because, well - I am mostly posting and talking to myself when I do.... I am not crazy though --- I think. Hold that thought...

2. If you know of a new parent or soon-to-be new parent, have them watch this video to save themselves $20 and not buy a baby bathtub... a bucket is MUCH more practical and will grow with this child becoming their future laundry basket....

... Which brings me to a new "rule"(we have introduced into our house) and a "save your sanity tip"  --- children can sort their own laundry, carry a laundry bin down stairs AND load it into the washer... we have introduced this with our 6 year old AND 3 year old. Yup, at the age of 3?!??!  We could have checked this item off of our "to-do" list THREE YEARS AGO!!!

p.s. We are not lazy parents... we like to think of ourselves as "strategic". We are transparent with our children that we are a team and asked them why the parents should do these things by themselves, when the children and more than capable of assisting. They have an understanding that we all have responsibilities to maintaining a household --- and if we work together to accomplish our responsibilities that also means we have more time to play together. One word you will not hear in our home, "chore"... you will hear however, "respect" and "responsibility" as daily messages. And, speaking of respect, I will respect my sole reader's time and stop rambling now... before you go though, WATCH this video!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unclogging a toilet by 6:15am, the day is bound for success!

Well, we (I) vanished for a little while... Life became so busy. I am sure you can relate. There is no sign things will slow down but it's essential to find those moments of pause to reflect or simply, breathe.

It's not quite 6am yet and I find myself attempting just that. Meantime, the kids are up -- being "pleasantly wrangled" in their room.... We have a few morning "rules" in our house: 1. No getting out of their rooms until after 6 (we tried 7 but we need to be out of the house by then so that became unrealistic and 2. They must be dressed before coming out. The exception to this is if they have to go to the washroom; they then go to washroom, wash up and back to their rooms. These tactics I highly recommend --- set the time that works for you but lay out such expectations, it can help save your sanity.

Sorry for rambling - drunken ping pong style with thoughts in multiple directions... You're going inside a mommy brain; would you expect anything else? My 3 year old has gotten up to go the washroom and, with that, a roll of toilet paper and a clogged toilet. It is now 6:11am. The day cannot get started without declogging a toilet before 6:15am. Look at that! I am ahead of schedule... It IS possible? ;).

I will be keeping this short but wanted to commit to posting something. Taking a few minutes while committing to having a HOT cup of coffee...  the whole cup while it is still HOT helps set myself up for a successful day. Time now to pack lunches, make breakfast and get out the door.... I hope you find a chance to sit and breathe today, take one minute to do so; I challenge you. xo