Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unclogging a toilet by 6:15am, the day is bound for success!

Well, we (I) vanished for a little while... Life became so busy. I am sure you can relate. There is no sign things will slow down but it's essential to find those moments of pause to reflect or simply, breathe.

It's not quite 6am yet and I find myself attempting just that. Meantime, the kids are up -- being "pleasantly wrangled" in their room.... We have a few morning "rules" in our house: 1. No getting out of their rooms until after 6 (we tried 7 but we need to be out of the house by then so that became unrealistic and 2. They must be dressed before coming out. The exception to this is if they have to go to the washroom; they then go to washroom, wash up and back to their rooms. These tactics I highly recommend --- set the time that works for you but lay out such expectations, it can help save your sanity.

Sorry for rambling - drunken ping pong style with thoughts in multiple directions... You're going inside a mommy brain; would you expect anything else? My 3 year old has gotten up to go the washroom and, with that, a roll of toilet paper and a clogged toilet. It is now 6:11am. The day cannot get started without declogging a toilet before 6:15am. Look at that! I am ahead of schedule... It IS possible? ;).

I will be keeping this short but wanted to commit to posting something. Taking a few minutes while committing to having a HOT cup of coffee...  the whole cup while it is still HOT helps set myself up for a successful day. Time now to pack lunches, make breakfast and get out the door.... I hope you find a chance to sit and breathe today, take one minute to do so; I challenge you. xo