Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby Takes a Bath in a Bucket (& I save you $$$ AND sanity!!! ;) )

Who has not bathed their child in a sink or bucket?!? Why do baby bathtub exist?... if somehow, somewhere a reader has stumbled onto this blog:

1. Tell me how you came across it because, well - I am mostly posting and talking to myself when I do.... I am not crazy though --- I think. Hold that thought...

2. If you know of a new parent or soon-to-be new parent, have them watch this video to save themselves $20 and not buy a baby bathtub... a bucket is MUCH more practical and will grow with this child becoming their future laundry basket....

... Which brings me to a new "rule"(we have introduced into our house) and a "save your sanity tip"  --- children can sort their own laundry, carry a laundry bin down stairs AND load it into the washer... we have introduced this with our 6 year old AND 3 year old. Yup, at the age of 3?!??!  We could have checked this item off of our "to-do" list THREE YEARS AGO!!!

p.s. We are not lazy parents... we like to think of ourselves as "strategic". We are transparent with our children that we are a team and asked them why the parents should do these things by themselves, when the children and more than capable of assisting. They have an understanding that we all have responsibilities to maintaining a household --- and if we work together to accomplish our responsibilities that also means we have more time to play together. One word you will not hear in our home, "chore"... you will hear however, "respect" and "responsibility" as daily messages. And, speaking of respect, I will respect my sole reader's time and stop rambling now... before you go though, WATCH this video!