Saturday, February 18, 2017

Parenting Advice No One Ever Tells You

Here's the deal, folks... I am FAR from the the perfect parent and I, in no way, have my act together BUT, I have discovered a few of the ultimate in sanity saving parenting tips that no one ever tells you. Sure, you may have heard that saying before but I promise you, take 5 minutes to experience a few "ah-ha" moments! by reading this post...

1. Stackable plates.

Avoid the sectioned off plates and spend the $2 from Ikea to get their stackable sets. This avoids the Tupperware or random containers tumbling out of the cupboard much like a game of dominos - and with that, also your sanity temporarily crumbling. 

Your kid doesn't like their peas touching their potatoes --- wait! you just read that right, it IS possible for a kid to love peas... make use of 3 bowls. They are cost effective enough and keep things more separated...
Ikea Kids Plates
Available HERE

2. The Crockpot, batch up cooking and/or a good quality blender are your new best friends.

Whenever you are cooking, batch up recipes and stick them in the freezer. This is most significant no only in saving on the cooking later -- but seriously streamlines clean up. 

Take advantage of the freezer to crockpot method of cooking where you dump the ingredients from a Ziploc bag to the Crockpot, set it and forget it! I've link a few simple recipes below.

Blenders are wonderful. Whether it's a smoothly, a sauce or a soup -- Blenders lend to the dump it and press the "easy" button philosophy. Who doesn't love the occasional easy button?!?

FOLLOW the blog as I post more of these helpful recipes in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy THESE easy recipes or, how about this Chicken Cord Chowder?

A delicious Chicken Corn Chowder hits the spot!

3. Avoid the traditional toy bins.

Sure they can be cute for a short while, a VERY short while. Save your sanity by taking advantage of the "out-of-sight - out-of-mind tactic". Add a pictured label if needed to assist with putting away their own toys. On that note, remember that by nature, kids LOVE to clean. We are creatures of habit and a simple label can make this a more seamless process and a process that takes this item off of your "to do" list. 

A system like THIS with basket or fabric storage bins is a great, affordable, option.

4. The vacuum is the most effective means to getting your children to clean their room. An automated vacuum, like the Roomba, is even better. 

No need to raise your voice to get your kids to clean, simply let them know in 10 minutes you'll be vacuuming. Even better, schedule a robot vacuum which regularly turns on when no one if home so their rooom(s) - especially all of their LEGO needs to be clean - otherwise, the robot will pick them up. Voilia! You're not the "bad guy" and they stay on top of keeping their room clean. Win! Win!

5. Get ready to turn up the volume!

Feeling stressed? Don't hit the pause button, turn up the music and enjoy a spontaneous dance party. It resets the energy for everyone... and now you know where my son gets his killer dance moves! ;)

6. It's not about being lazy, it's all strategic and planning for the long-haul. 

Your children offer two extra hands to help you and work as a family-unit. My children know that there are core responsibilities to keeping up the house and the more we work together to accomplish task, the quicker the task gets done AND --- the more time we have to play together. 

So, how many times did you hit your forehead reading this?! Why do these pieces of advice get missed in the "real" parenting books? These are solutions, folks. Give them a go and share in the comments below your best - or worst - parenting advice, strategies and solutions!

Until next time... have a wonderful day! xo


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