Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Bucket List

Well, I didn't quite make it 10 days in the 30 day blog challenge but, that is reality. I will regroup to meet that goal again. Getting a blog going has been on my bucket list but, as you can tell, I am not certain what to write about. It is a personal journal of sorts and my "focus" remains on "life's ramblings". What is on your bucket list? Do you have one?

Here is how my list is looking so far:
1. Renovate or build a house
2. Blog or post videos regularly
3. Complete my Master's degree --- I waiver on this one but it's something I always come back to. I think that makes it "bucket list" worthy
4. Launch a successful fundraiser for a not-for-profit
5. Expand a garden to grow my own food
6. Own a rowboat and spend a Sunday (regularly throughout the summer) on the water in the harbour near our home
7. Create a relaxing outdoor space
8. Establish and commit to a physical activity routine
9. Live debt-free

But, ultimately, I want to:

10. Guide my children to find something they love, a passion, a talent, and support them whole-heartedly in whatever that may be.

I think the first 9 items on my list are to ensure I am whole to be able to give even more to my children.... I want to live a life where I am "there" and "present" without reservation.

And, without reservation, I know I am completely procrastinating on the day... What are you doing today? Will you be checking anything off of your bucket list?