Friday, March 25, 2016

The world of boys...

And, it happened. The boys have a pet worm. ?!?! I think we are making good progress through the list of stereotypical incidents to experience being the parents of boys:
1. Stop son from eating wood bug/pill bug
2. Retrieve Lego from son's nose....twice.
3. Pee in the bushes.
4. Pee in the middle of the school yard.
5. Pee in a cup on a road trip.
6. Pee on the highway.

Add this to the list of things no one ever tells you about boys. Or, maybe they do but they do not INSIST that they are going to happen. I am here to tell you: they will. They do. Yes, you will cringe. You will shake your head. But.... With this also comes the other side of having boys, they will love you like nothing else. Admire you more than anyone else. And truly be the most precious thing you ever have had around your neck.