Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Hug Across the Border

When this appears in my Twitter feed:

I need to say something. This is not okay. I am not judging Trump supporters; I have heard the exact same statements be said about Clinton - specific to being "scary, scary, scary" and "having nightmares".  I honestly do not feel well informed to comment on anything meaningful pertaining to politics. I do feel "informed" though, as a human being, to reach across the border and hug this child.

"Informed" I use in the latter loosely. I don't need to be informed to do so... I live with compassion and integrity. I know this child does as well. This raw emotion, shows his heart and soul... a heart and soul that is so pure, so authentic and so, inspiring. You, stranger whom I do not know, your heart is gold. Your family and loved ones are as well. The influence of your compassion is powerful. You have reached the heart of someone thousands of miles away and you should be very proud of who you are.

Much love. xo